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AI Painter – Painting as a Metaphor to Interact with AI Systems

Here is a quick personal side experiment I have implemented a while ago to play with an idea I had to leverage a painting application for interacting with an AI system. It was also a good excuse to play with PySide6 a little. Please note that the AI itself here is not impressive at all and not meant to be – I just built the bare minimum to investigate the interaction metaphor.

If I should decide to extend this at some point, there are a few obvious ideas to incorporate:

Of course, it would be straightforward to extend this with all kinds of object trackers, pose estimators, segmentation algorithms etc.

A final interesting extension is that I have added a simple slider to the dashboard with a play button which extends the painting application metaphor to a video editor metaphor and allows to play entire agent runs as depicted below. Since the actual agent is a much more sophisticated piece of software that i) is a part of my day job rather than free time (which means it is confidential for now) and ii) we will publish on, I can unfortunately not yet show its architecture or probabilistic programming models in this blog post, but I am very much looking forward to being able to write about it in the future when the publications are out. [For the record: I have made sure before this blog post that we have no intentions to use AI Painter for any publications and even got approval from my manager to make the entire repository public despite it was just a private side experiment – since it is very hacked together, I have decided not to do so for now, but in the unlikely case that I find time to clean things up, I will revisit this.]

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