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AI Architectures

This page will be heavily extended in the near future. For instance, I will document and contrast the listed systems very soon.

AI Platform Architectures

Airbnb Bighead

Airbnb presented Bighead both at Strata and at Data Council (where they go into a bit more detail into architectures of components, e.g. see Deep Thought at 22:04 and Zipline at 28:01). Here is my summary diagram of the system:


Lyft Flyte’s architecture is described here and its component architecture has a dedicated page. Another illustration can be found here. Below is my attempt to sketch out the overall architecture:

IBM Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL)

The Fabric for Deep Learning is documented both in its paper (figure 1) and on its Github page. Its architecture looks approximately like this:

This section will be extended over the next weeks. Please refer to the landscape section about AI Platforms in the meantime.

Neural Network Architectures

Cognitive Architectures

See Comparison of Cognitive Architectures (Wikipedia) and Comparative Table of Cognitive Architectures

Intelligent Agent Design

See agent architectures and TouringMachines distinction into

Other Architectures

Biological Inspiration

Components from Brain Computation as Hierarchical Abstraction by Dana H. Ballard:

Additional Considerations

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