person holding a graphics card

GPU-Accelerated Containers on Windows

A while ago I have already written a side note on external GPUs,…
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Regarding Gifts: What is the Best Swag?

It is close to Christmas, so it is a fitting time to reflect…
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Enterprise Model Training Exemplified Through the Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL)

I worked on IBM's Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL) which was…
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Machine Common Sense Through Embodied AI

I finally got approval to write about my work on the DARPA…
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EXSUM: Engineering Excellence Reflection

I founded IBM's internal Engineering Excellence work stream…
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Notable Software Engineers

Who are the most notable software engineers? The following distinguished…
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What Lies Ahead Regarding Online and Remote Development

A lot has happened in the IDE space over the last 5 years -…
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Nvidia Container Toolkit and Podman on Ubuntu 20.04

I did not immediately find a good tutorial on how to use the…
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Musing on Brain Architecture

I need to find more time to look deeper into neuroscience again.…