person holding a graphics card

GPU-Accelerated Containers on Windows

A while ago I have already written a side note on external GPUs,…
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Regarding Gifts: What is the Best Swag?

It is close to Christmas, so it is a fitting time to reflect…
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What Lies Ahead Regarding Online and Remote Development

A lot has happened in the IDE space over the last 5 years -…
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Nvidia Container Toolkit and Podman on Ubuntu 20.04

I did not immediately find a good tutorial on how to use the…

Brief Excursus into Time Series Analysis

I have recently taken a brief excursus into time series analysis…

Video Games to Tackle with AI

There is a lot of interesting work on tackling video games with…

EXSUM: External GPU on Ubuntu

I have started playing with an external GPU setup. While I originally…

Rearview Mirror: Side Projects incl. Particle Simulation, 3D Replicator & Augmented Reality

Particle Simulation on IBM Cell Blades One project back at…

EXSUM: Audio Support in Containers

Not many people seem to know how to support audio in containers.…