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Enterprise Model Training Exemplified Through the Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL)

I worked on IBM's Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL) which was…
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Machine Common Sense Through Embodied AI

I finally got approval to write about my work on the DARPA…
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Musing on Brain Architecture

I need to find more time to look deeper into neuroscience again.…

TIAGo++ Basic Capabilities

I have already written about a more sophisticated use case in…

Neuro-Symbolic Visual Question Answering on a Robot

While I still have to wait with writing about my core work on…

AI Painter – Painting as a Metaphor to Interact with AI Systems

Here is a quick personal side experiment I have implemented…

Sapphire – Dialog System Combining DL, DRL, NLP, Signal Processing and More

I was the lead developer of the research dialog system Sapphire…

PalmQA, a Question-Answering Ensemble for e-Learning and Research

My first bigger AI system developed under the supervision of…
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Reinforcement Learning Frameworks – An Overview

Abstract Reinforcement Learning (RL) has seen renewed interest…