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EXSUM: External GPU on Ubuntu

I have started playing with an external GPU setup. While I originally used mobile workstations I later shifted towards working more against cloud VMs/BMs and GPU-enabled Kubernetes clusters as well as on-prem workstations, since mobile workstations quickly become outdated and drain the battery quite severely even when GPUs are not required. Nvidia driver and Optimus […]

Rearview Mirror: Side Projects incl. Particle Simulation, 3D Replicator & Augmented Reality

Particle Simulation on IBM Cell Blades One project back at university was to write a simple particle simulation on IBM Cell Blades. It’s main intention was not so much the simulation itself, but more the learning experience to write software against a multi-core architecture like the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture with its different PowerPC architecture […]

PalmQA, a Question-Answering Ensemble for e-Learning and Research

My first bigger AI system developed under the supervision of Mohamed Amine Chatti & Ulrik Schroeder. “The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answersas ask the right questions.” Claude Lévi-Strauss 1  Introduction From Emanuel Goldberg’s Statistical Machine and Vannevar Bush’s Memex over collaboration systems like Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu, Douglas Engelbart’s oN-Line […]

EXSUM: Audio Support in Containers

Not many people seem to know how to support audio in containers. Here is an example for forwarding Pulseaudio into a container. This will open a shell into the container. However, before going there run the following on host (e.g. in new shell): Now play audio in container, e.g. online radio via MPlayer:

EXSUM: Ray on Minikube

I was asked about how to setup Kubernetes and deploy Ray on it. The last time I did this was before this was officially supported – I just manually built a container with Ray and deployed it as master on K8s master and workers on K8s workers. However, over the last 3 years or so […]