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[Side Track] Video Games with AI Angle Part 4

As Alien has shown, a trilogy can have more than three parts, so let us revisit our video games with AI angle series in a fourth installment. Superliminal Superliminal is a game out of CMU that plays with perspective a lot. For instance, it turns the visual perception clue that objects are smaller when they […]

[Side Track] Nvidia Container Toolkit and Podman on Ubuntu 20.04

I did not immediately find a good tutorial on how to use the Nvidia Container Toolkit with Podman to be able to run GPU-accelerated containers. The solution turned out to be quite straightforward. First, you can install Podman as usual: Afterwards, you can install the Nvidia Container Toolkit as usual: However, before you can start […]

[Side Track] Video Games with AI Angle Part 3

Today OpenAI released their amazing work on Learning to Play Minecraft with Video PreTraining (VPT) which is a great occasion to release the third post of my Video Games with AI Angle trilogy [and thus for now the last one, even though I might at some point make it a trilogy like Star Wars or […]

Musing on Brain Architecture

I need to find more time to look deeper into neuroscience again. A lot of the emphasis in Deep Learning has been on models of neurons starting from the McCulloch–Pitts (MCP) neuron in 1943 over Frank Rosenblatt’s Perceptron in 1958 to the Hodgkins-Huxley model which models action potentials in neurons and led to a Nobel […]

[Side Track] Video Games with AI Angle Part 2

Part 1 can be found here. Today I will start with an unusual game and then focus on a more mainstream titles. Hyperbolica I am a huge fan of Chris Franklin’s outstanding channel Errant Signal for his insightful analyses of video games as an art form and his amazing curation leading to the selection of […]

[Side Track] Brief Excursus into Time Series Analysis

I have recently taken a brief excursus into time series analysis (TSA). A few of the prominent tools include: R: changepoint (could be called from Python via rpy2), bcp, kcpRS, cpm and ecp Python: ruptures, changefinder, prophet, luminaire, scikit-multiflow, neural-forecast, Facebook Prophet Data Generator: timeseries-generator You can find an exhaustive list in Siebert et al. (2021). I personally liked ruptures in particular which is extremely easy to use, […]

TIAGo++ Basic Capabilities

I have already written about a more sophisticated use case in my VQA article, but I briefly wanted to showcase a few basic capabilities of the platform as well. First of all: The robot I’m talking about is a Pal Robotics TIAGo++ with two arms: Besides operating in the real-world the robot can also be […]

EXSUM: External GPU on Ubuntu

I have started playing with an external GPU setup. While I originally used mobile workstations I later shifted towards working more against cloud VMs/BMs and GPU-enabled Kubernetes clusters as well as on-prem workstations, since mobile workstations quickly become outdated and drain the battery quite severely even when GPUs are not required. Nvidia driver and Optimus […]

Neuro-Symbolic Visual Question Answering on a Robot

While I still have to wait with writing about my core work on Machine Common Sense, here is a small visual question answering (VQA) demo I did on the side. Let me first show you the core VQA functionality: And now let me show that we can additionally point at objects: This demo follows “Neural-Symbolic […]