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Brief Excursus into Time Series Analysis

I have recently taken a brief excursus into time series analysis (TSA). A few of the prominent tools include: You can find an exhaustive list in Siebert et al. (2021). I personally liked ruptures in particular which is extremely easy to use, so I implemented generators for a few common time series patterns depicted below […]

TIAGo++ Basic Capabilities

I have already written about a more sophisticated use case in my VQA article, but I briefly wanted to showcase a few basic capabilities of the platform as well. First of all: The robot I’m talking about is a Pal Robotics TIAGo++ with two arms: Besides operating in the real-world the robot can also be […]

Video Games to Tackle with AI

There is a lot of interesting work on tackling video games with AI from IBM’s early successes with TD-Gammon and Deep Thought/Blue over DeepMind’s Alpha systems to OpenAI’s work on Learning to Play Minecraft with Video PreTraining (VPT) and more (many of which I touch upon in my article on Deep RL). The following article […]

EXSUM: External GPU on Ubuntu

I have started playing with an external GPU setup. While I originally used mobile workstations I later shifted towards working more against cloud VMs/BMs and GPU-enabled Kubernetes clusters as well as on-prem workstations, since mobile workstations quickly become outdated and drain the battery quite severely even when GPUs are not required. Nvidia driver and Optimus […]

Neuro-Symbolic Visual Question Answering on a Robot

While I still have to wait with writing about my core work on Machine Common Sense, here is a small visual question answering (VQA) demo I did on the side. Let me first show you the core VQA functionality: And now let me show that we can additionally point at objects: This demo follows “Neural-Symbolic […]

Rearview Mirror: Side Projects incl. Particle Simulation, 3D Replicator & Augmented Reality

Particle Simulation on IBM Cell Blades One project back at university was to write a simple particle simulation on IBM Cell Blades. It’s main intention was not so much the simulation itself, but more the learning experience to write software against a multi-core architecture like the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture with its different PowerPC architecture […]